There are a variety of ways that creating art in public spaces can work. Below are some of the ways the Transpire Project has been involved with different events.  Keep in mind though that we are talking about creating… anything is possible. Please contact me at if you are interested in working in any of these capacities.



The way I see this is that the artist becomes the “visual instrument” of the band.  My hope in all of this is to accentuate the performance that the musician(s) are creating… adding to the overall event.  My process is really to create visuals that I feel are evoked by the music and also tie along with the what the music is trying to portray.

I have done a number of different shows, events, tours with a number of different types of music.




I work with a number of different non-profits in a variety of ways.  Worldvision is probably one of the biggest ones I partner with… working with their speakers and different departments… using the creative process as a means for inspiration, education, motivation.

Along with this, another big way that I work with non-profits is in fund-raising.  I do a lot of auctions where I create a piece of artwork live, and then it is auctioned off during the live auction part of the night. I usually charge a minimal fee for supplies, time, and travel… but all of the proceeds go to the organization.



This is kind of the miscellaneous category.  I’ve done everything to street fairs, marathons, weddings….  

Whatever you are thinking, we can do.




There has been a great divide between artists and the church… and even art and the church.  I have spent the last few years working with different faith communities to create appropriate and meaningful partnerships between these two groups.  There can be much discussion on this topic, so let’s not get too into it in this section.  What I do mostly with is come to a communal gathering and create out of that time.  I partner with the worship leader and the speaker to create something that is cohesive.  I call it the “Visual Word”. We provide the musical word and the verbal word in most of our gatherings. But, and maybe because it’s my inclination, I want to know what it is that God wants us to see.  That’s what I hope to bring.

There are many ways this can be worked out, but I never keep the art in these settings.  I want churches to start to collect art by investing in artists and having them create out of their spiritual journeys together.  I am also open to meeting with local artists in the community and leading workshops along the lines of visual worship. And there is so much more! Just email me if you want to talk more about it.

(Here's a little video to help get the idea across...)




There are a few options in involving art with conferences, and if you are looking for a quick 10 minute act, this is not the site for you.  But here is my idea.  Have a resident artist at you gathering/conference/meeting who creates out of your time together.  We aren’t a very good culture for memorials.  And there is so much information coming at us, that we often forget it is what we are learning.  

Painting in this situation can become a visual reminder of what it is we were just hearing.  And what happens when we create this reminders, and have them up during our time together, we remember where it was we came from and where we ended up.  And we also see woven themes and ideas appear that we never noticed before.  

So, once again.  Quick art entertainment… no.  Resident artists… yes!  

Here’s a video to help you visualize it….




I also do studio work.  If you have seen something that you liked of mine, or if you have an art piece in mine, please email me and we can talk through the process of creating a specific work for you.  If you would like to see samples of work, click here.