Scott Erickson | Founder

I have been a creator my whole life… but I didn’t consider being a “lifer” until my mid-twenties.  I was a high school art teacher at the time, and I had this moment during a prep period that I knew that this wasn’t it.  That there was something else for me to do.  I ended up not teaching the next year and focused on trying to make my living as an artist.  During this time, I kept having these dreams and visions about creating artwork live along with music, speakers, etc.  So I started seeking ways of incorporating the creating of art in public places.  That’s basically where the Transpire Project has come from.
I have a BA in Secondary Art Education from Western Washington University.  I learned some art skills there, but most of what I do now was self taught in random attics and free rooms throughout the Seattle area in the last few years.  I have been rejected from multiple grad schools and grants even though I make my living as an artist. I light of those rejections, I have painted on multiple continents, throughout the United States, and have had the amazing opportunity to work with so many fantastic artists, organizations, and people that I consider myself a very lucky person.
Currently, I live with my wife, Holly  and other random people in Houston where I work part time at Ecclesia Church as their Artist in Residence .


Right now, the Transpire Project is just me.  My hope is that one day, the Transpire Project will be a group of artists who work together to bring the making of art into public places.   I’ve connected with a few others who are doing this kind of work at varying levels.  I’ve listed their information below….

Artists Who Do Live Work…

Caitlin Beidler – Myrtle Beach, SC

Sarah Rowan Dahl – Australia

Anneli Anderson – Portland OR