February Ya’ll

Hey ya’ll. I’m getting used to Texan speak and “ya’ll” is a pretty common descriptor. So enjoy. I finally feel like I’m at a place where I can take a little breather so I thought I’d post some pics and play a little catch up.

Above is a pic of me painting at a Haiti benefit concert with Derek Webb at Taft St Coffee.  A really great non-profit in town called I Am Change put on the show and I offered my services to the whole event. It was great working with Derek again and the paintings raised some good money for a good cause.

Give Hope for Haiti Benefit Concert –http://dejiosinulu.com/blog/?p=229


Let’s back up a bit and talk about Urbana09.

At the end of December I worked with WorldVision ACT:S in producing an interactive art station that dealt with creative advocacy. Everyday, attendees had the opportunity to be a part of creating an art piece that corresponded with the themes of that day and also in response to what they had witnessed as they went through WorldVision ACT:S booth. It was an awesome time. The art pieces turned out great.  And I met some fantastic people. I’m working on a video currently and will have that posted in due time…..

Live Paintings at Youth Conferences…..

I did a couple gigs with students in Tennessee and West Texas. Here’s some images from that…..

Artist in Residency – Ecclesia Church

I’ve started a blog about my artist in residency at Ecclesia Church. I’m pretty sure i’m the only one in the nation with this job… so i decided to keep tabs on what’s going on. i’m updating everything i do there as an artist – all the stuff i’m making, what’s going on creatively, etc…..

If you’d like to follow it, you can go to http://createvisualculture.wordpress.com or click below on the different links to receive emails or updates on facebook

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Saints of LOST Opening At Xnihilo Gallery, Houston, TX

Even though the show was up for two weeks, we still had an opening for the Saints of LOST show in Xnihilo Gallery at Taft on the 30th. We decided this night cause the season premiere of season 6 of LOST is on tuesday…. so we wanted to build on the hype as much as we could. In order to sweeten the pot a little bit, i decided to make a new painting for the show. This one is about Charlie… and it turned out awesome. A better picture will be uploaded sometime…. but here it is….

It’s 5ftx4ft, acrylic on canvas. the title is still undecided.

It was a great night. We had a lot of people show up. It was pretty steady for 3 hours…. and i found myself talking to people non-stop throughout the evening. That’s about it. Go lost!

okay… this post is long enough. lots still coming up. i’ll try to post more often.

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