Moving to Houston……

(Kendall Payne and myself at DCLA09 in Los Angeles)


Before we get to the big news, just wanted to let you see some highlights from the summer.


First, I was lucky enough to be asked as the artist in residence for this years DCLA09. DCLA is a youth conference held in Los Angeles and DC… hence the name.  I was there painting during the big rooms… where we sought to display the mega-narrative of the Bible through live art, speaking, music, video, design, and acting all mixed up over 3 stages. It was very challenging, but awesome.

(here's kind of what it looks like....)

I also helped run an art space and led seminars for students in the afternoons about what art can do and how we need to strive to make good art in the world.

(marquis laughlin, me, shane claiborne, mandy radford, 
francis chan, kendall payne, fred lynch)

I worked with the coolest people… and it was a real honor to be involved.

(leading seminar)

(people like pictures with me?)


The next great thing that I got to be a part of was ROUND 50.  The Round has been going on now for 51 consecutive months in the Seattle area.  It’s an amazing night of music, live art, and poetry all put into one fantastic event.

To celebrate the big 5 O, we had the Round at the Triple Door with Damien Jurado, Rosie Thomas, and Jesse Sykes as our musicians; Skye Graves, Glenn Case, and myself painting; and Buddy Wakefield spittin sweet poetry in between sets.


(Hurley - Patron Saint of Lucky Losers)

My summer project has been working on a series of illustrations for a book called  The Gospel According to LOST”.  Chris Seay is the author, a friend, and he asked me if i could make saint paintings out of LOST characters for the book where he runs through the lives of LOST characters and examines their struggles and redemptions in the light of our own spiritual journeys.  The book is going to be released in the late fall and I’ll keep you posted on the images…..

(Sayid - Patron Saint of Tormented Humanitarians)


It’s true. Holly and I are moving to Houston at the end of August. I’ve gotten to be good friends with the people of Ecclesia Church.  Chris Seay, lead pastor of Ecclesia, and I did some events earlier this year and got to be friends.  He really wanted me to come and visit and meet artists in the community. So as I was on my way to a gig in Texas, I stayed over in Houston for four days and got to get a feel for what’s going on in this community.  At the end of that time, I was asked if I would be interested in spending some time with this community, doing what I do, but doing it with them. Holly and I are pacific northwesterners for sure.  So I wasn’t interested right off the bat.  But as we put it to prayer and analyzed our lives of where we are at and where we would like to go… it seemed like the right move.  So we are going.  For sure for two years.  Maybe longer. But we’ll deal with that when the time comes…..

(Ecclesia's space is a full time bookstore, coffeeshop, art gallery, 
music studio)

So what will I do be doing?  Good question.  As I asked that to Chris, he said I will be their artist in residence.  When I asked what that looks like, he responded “doing what you think needs to be done.”

(recent thoughts about art in the church)

This is the perfect spot for me. If I was to nail down any trajectory I was on, it would be to live out what it means to be a visual artist in the church.  A few hundred years ago the church (whether good or bad) helped create some of the best art ever made.  But now, if you are in a protestant church and you are a visual artist, it seems the only thing you can help with is do logo design or paint noah’s ark on the nursery wall.  We lost the visual culture…. and people want it back. But unfortunately there is a long line of bad art and broken relationships that are in the wake of this journey.  From what I’ve seen, Ecclesia community gets it.  Most of the leadership is creatives themselves, who all spend time doing other creative things other than running Ecclesia.  So their offer is to come into the community, and do what I do.  So that’s what I’m going to do.  I’ll continue traveling and do the live stuff.  I’ll continue making work and we’ll see where that goes. But in my time with Ecclesia, I will be working with others and going to that quiet place by myself and creating out of what we do together and where the Spirit is leading us.  I’ve been waiting for this opportunity, and now here it is.

Holly and I will deeply miss the constant connection of our friends and family in the Northwest.  But come on.  We live in the most connecting world there has ever been.  And it’s only a few years.  So, we’ll see you on facebook, twitter, youtube, google chat, or see you when we see you!



Yep. The ladies I first ever did live painting with are coming back together for a one night great show at the triple door.  This will be my last hurray in Seattle for awhile, so if you want to pick up some art by me, see a great show, and feel all tingly inside for a week… hope to see you there.

730pm, $15, Click Here


I will be the artist in residence again this year at all the National Youth Worker Conventions.

Dec.27-31 | Urbana 09 | St. Louis

I will be heading up an interactive painting exhibit at the WorldVision booth during this years conference.

and just for fun….

At DCLA, they have a variety of entertaining things for students to be involved in… including rockband. And I love me some karaoke. Here’s what happened….


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