The End of YS and the Beginning of Christmas

It’s December already.  Sheesh.  Where has the year gone?  I feel like that is something that I will always say as life and work continue to flourish and grow.  Maybe if I’m stranded on an island for a couple years would I think that time went slowly. But since that is highly unlikely, I guess I’ll be like everyone else and wonder at the quickness of time.

October and November were busy because of the National Youth Worker Conferences that I was the artist in residence at.  I was there creating at all the general sessions, making work based upon the words of the specific speaker that day and the general feel of the event.  I was also creating and hosting a creative space called the ArtDen, which allowed participants to have a space to think and create in. There were three conferences this fall in Sacramento, Pittsburgh, and Nashville, and I was able to paint in front of about 10,000 people total.

I was busy non stop during these events…. needing a few days of being a couch zombie afterwards to get back on my feet… but I had the best time and truly felt blessed to be a part of the whole thing. Here are some pics below from Rob Watson who runs Still Life Photography….

(with speaker Andrew Marin of the Marin Foundation)

(speaker Shane Caliborne)

(musician Lincoln Brewster)

to see more pictures, click here

Upcoming Events

So that was all good and fun… but back to being an artist who lives in my favorite city… Seattle!




* proceeds go to Fremont Abbey Youth Programs

It’s that time of year again where the best of the Round concert series come together and bring some artsy yule tide cheer. There will be awesome musicians singing your favorite Christmas songs, poets spittin’ peppermint delights, and Skye Graves and I as always will make something killer.   Hope to see you there!

ART SHOW | FRIDAY, DEC 19 | 5-9pm

Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Association Rm #3

6532 Phinney Ave N. Seattle WA 98103

For the month of December, the Art on the Ridge group is hosting a spiritual art and forum. In a round about way they contacted me and asked me to participate… and I am.  I will be showing with two other artists and I will displaying some new work based on spiritual themes.  Art Shows are always big sexy parties… so put on your snazy wear, eat some apps, drink some cheap wine, and let’s talk about art! Possible after party to follow…..



As always, you can always see what’s going on by going to my website

Have a great holiday season.  I love the lights! We should keep them up all winter.

Merry Christmas!




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