Two Events This Weekend!!!

Hey homies.  I have two events that I would like to invite you too. 

Sunday Night is a concert at the Green Bean Coffee Shop with Nashville musician Alli Rogers. She’ll be singing, and I’ll be painting.  Exciting as always!


Then this Friday night I will be making a series of paintings during a fundraiser called Conspiracy #1… which is to help raise money to aid in the Darfur crisis.  Music will be provided by DJ Tim Wescott and the Lonely Forest… who are awesome.  It will be held at the Diocesan House with is next to St. Marks Cathedral on Capital Hill in Seattle.  I guess it’s going to be like a big party – catered, music, bally-hoo.
8 pm, donations $10 to 1 K.  @1551 10th Ave East, Seattle. 


Hope to see you around.  

Air high fives.




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