August and September….

What can I say?  Bumbershoot this year was great to be a part of.  The Round was given a chance to show all of it’s fabulousness on the Wells Fargo Stage and about 1000 people came to see the show.  Some of that crowd might have been around because of the beer garden… but they heard everything… so we’re counting them.  I thought it would be fun to video tape the whole thing and make a neat little “behind the scenes” video to share with you all… but while cleaning my brushes out I dropped my camera into a sink of painty water. Let’s just say it didn’t make it. So these couple pictures will just have to suffice.

(left to right: neal vickers, damien jurado, jen wood, carrie beill, some other guy.)

Last weekend I was down in Chandler, AZ working with the Grove Church.  They are working through some identity/mission stuff and wanted me to help them visualize all they had been discussing over the last three weeks.  So during the Sunday morning services I made these three paintings depicting their three focuses as a community: to love God, to grow together, and to serve the world.


Upcoming Events

September 26 | Conspiracy #1 – Darfur Fundraiser

You don’t want to miss this!  I will be painting at a fundraiser called Conspiracy #1… which is to help raise money to aid in the Darfur crisis.  Music will be provided by DJ Tim Wescott and the Lonely Forest (who are one of my favorite bands!).  It will be held at the Diocesan House with is next to St. Marks Cathedral on Capital Hill in Seattle.  Come out for a good cause, a good show, and give by bidding on my painting!
8 pm, donations $10 to 1 K.  @1551 10th Ave East, Seattle. 


Hope to see you there!

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