July, August, And Everything After

(“the heavens and me”  36″x36″ acrylic on canvas)

(the dealing with a dead faith”  48″x48″ acrylic on canvas)


Up top are a couple studio paintings that I’ve finished in the last month or so.  I’m trying to up my studio game by working on six paintings that I hope to finish by the end of the year.  I spend a lot of my time either doing live work or commission paintings.  But I think what really sets and artist apart is what they just make on their own in their own time and with no monetary restraints.  I have a long way to go in my look and development as a studio artist… but I feel like I’m on my way at least.  This series is an attempt to challenge myself  in the studio and see what I really can do when I put more than and hour into a painting! : )  There will be some kind of showing of this series in the early winter…. I’ll keep you posted.


The last month has been very busy for the wife and I.  For one, we bought a condo…. at the seemingly only time in history where two people with our incomes could get a great two bedroom place in the Green Lake area.  We are stoked to move in… but as you can probably guess, packing up takes a lot of time.  So we look forward to getting past that busy aspect of our summer.  

Some great news is that I became a new uncle on my families side (I still love my niece maddy!). Below is a pic of the new clan member – Isaiah Cruz Erickson.

( an uncle has to gloat….)



The only live stuff I really did over the past month was had a great time performing with Paul Wright.  I got the chance to paint with him and his band up in Snohomish and then at the Sultan Shin Dig in Sultan, Wa…. which was monumental to say the least.  Paul is super talented and once again I’m amazed at the people I somehow get to work with….


New 5 Spot painting

I have a painting up for the 5 Spots new festival which is “Oregon”. My painting was supposed to be about Crater Lake.



There’s a few exciting things that i’d like to share with you coming up in the next month…

August 1 | Benefit Concert sponsored by Old Navy, Salem OR

I will be painting with my friend Logan Martin during this benefit to raise money for school clothes for the poorest of families in the Salem Area.  The concert starts at 7pm and it will be held at the Shamala Indian School Auditorium.


August 11-22 | Art Residency, Vancouver BC

I was selected to be a part of six painters who will be going up to Vancouver BC and will be working together on a series of work based on the theme “the beautiful, the sublime, and the grotesque”. The amazing part about this residency is that this project is totally funded by churches…. harkening back to the days when the church financed a lot of art.  Works from this project will be shown in a gallery downtown, will spend a year in the spaces of the various patrons, and then could possible end up going on a year long tour around the united states.  The patrons as of now are John Knox Presbyterian Church, Church of the Beloved, Sanctuary (Seattle), Mars Hill Graduate School, Shoreline Christian Reformed Church, and CIVA (Christians In the Visual Arts).  

I’ll be videoing a lot of this experience…. and i’m sure i’ll post some of my thoughts later on.  But very cool!


August 30 | Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle Wa

I will be performing during the Round Concert on the Northwest Stage at 4:45 on Saturday.  This is Seattle’s biggest music festival and i will be performing with musicians Damien Jurado and Jen Wood along with poets Buddy Wakefield and Rose McAleese. Click here for more info.


Fall | Youth Specialties Artist In Residency | Sacramento, Pittsburgh, Nashville

I will be the artist in resident at all the National Youth Worker Conventions this fall.  I will paint on the mainstage with all the speakers during the main sessions…. and I will be hosting the ArtDen – a creative resource center for leaders to learn, ask questions, and also to make art.  Um… this is huge by the way.  I will be exposed to about 18,000 movers and shakers nationwide.  We’ll see what happens.


So there you go.  If you want more info, please click to the calendar page to find what you seek…. or email me back and we can chat!


Cheers! Make space for art.




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