It’s June! Recap and the Round

(group art piece at the Acting On Aids Summit on the Hill, Wash. D.C.)

It’s June everybody.  I hope you’re feeling the summer love. Holla.

Up above is a picture from the Acting On Aids’ Summit On The Hill which happened two weeks ago in Washington DC.  Students from all over the nation came together to lobby on capitol hill for initiatives that help those living in areas being devastated by the AIDS epidemic receive the help they need in the ways of medicine, education, and aid in the larger systemic problems of hunger and poverty.  I was there creating art with the speaker, Aaron Graham of Sojourners, and teaching about creative and artistic ways for advocacy.  I also got to paint with musician Derek Webb during a concert he did, which was a nice little highlight for me, I must say.  

It was a great time and I feel honored to be involved with the passionate folks at Acting On AIDS.  


I’m looking at this summer’s calendar and I don’t have a lot of things scheduled…. which I’m excited about.  I’m hoping to use the summer to work on some new paintings and to do a bit of writing. Oh… and do some filming.  Other than that my other goals are to be in the sun, swim, skateboard, surf, and go to as many friend BBQ’s that I can.  Maybe you share those goals… and hopefully I’ll see you at some of those places.


I do have two concerts coming up that I’m excited about that you should know about.


Round 37 | Tuesday June 10 | 8pm

with Laura Gibson and guests doing music and Matt Gano spittin on the mic


Paul Wright | July 11th 

I don’t have all the info yet, but I will be painting with Paul up in Snohomish.  Paul has a great So-Cal sound and puts on a good show.  More to come….. 

For more info, click here



That’s all for me.  I do have some artwork hanging up at the Mosaic Coffee shop in the Wallingford district of Seattle.  Miscellaneous new and old paintings (that I’m selling for cheap!) along with other paintings from Jen Grabarczyk and Anna-Lisa Notter, my two studio mates.  So stop on by if you get a chance!

Until then… make space for art.

(Seattlites, pray for sunshine!)






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