4 Concerts Across the Country

Well… maybe that sounds a little more dramatic than it is.  I have three local shows here in Seattle this week and then one in Washington DC next week.  But technically that is across the country….

May 14, 15 | w/ Logan Martin in the Seattle area

May 17 | w/ Charlie Peacock @ the Fremont Abbey, Seattle

May 20 | w/ Derek Webb in Washington DC

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In other news…

* I am being featured on the Seattle Channel’s Art Zone television show.  I go in for taping this week where I will be creating a painting throughout the show, instead of the usual feature of just having a painting displayed in the studio.  The host Nancy Guppy is rad…. and it’s a great show featuring the art scene around Seattle.  I’ll have more info about when the show will be aired….

* I created a little short video about what I hope happens to the art that I create at churches….




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