Easter Art Project

(painting from the 745 am service. so good for so early….)

I was at the Grove Community Church in Chandler, AZ over Easter weekend. they’ve had me out before and we’ve built quite a nice friendship together. good peeps. really into art. they wanted to do multiple art pieces over the weekend depicting the story of jesus’ death and resurrection and how there is “transformative” life in Him. so i went….

sunday morning is a crazy time for anyone who works at a church. colby martin (the worship leader) and i left the house at 530 am to get to the church to set up. since a greater population attend church on easter sunday, the grove had 5 services going on instead of there usual three. i only had to paint during four of them… starting at 745 and ending around 1 pm…. but it was still a whirlwind. we would literally have 7 minutes between each service. i did four different paintings that morning. in this 7 minutes, i would have just enough time to switch boards, shake a few hands, and go pee.

but it all worked out fine. and i think i made some pretty cool stuff. below are three of the four paintings (first one up top) i made that morning. likei said, the theme was transformation…

service 2

service 3

(i do have to say that this is very similar to a blaine fontana painting. different, but based off an idea of his. he’s rad by the way….

serrvice 4

all these images are 4ft x 4ft and are acrylic paint on hardwood.


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